Making today's technology work.

George co-founded Turbine Technology Services (TTS) where he served as President and CEO throughout the 1990s and led TTS to prominence as an independent product, service and construction provider.

Today, George Gramatikas serves as an active board member and advisor to TTS, and takes a lead role integrating new technology and new markets into TTS's legacy business.  George has created to be the venue for some of the most exciting new technology his team is developing.

In his early career with General Electric, George developed his extensive knowledge of power generating equipment in engineering roles ranging from Mechanical Field Services to Electrical and Startup Engineer and Project Manager.

George Gramatikas earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Wentworth Institute of Technology, in Boston, where he was honored with the prestigious Beatty Award. In 2010, George has the honor of induction to University of Central Florida’s Business School Hall of Fame, where he had earned his EMBA. In 2013 George was selected by ASME and presented by Central Florida multi-discipline engineers their Lifetime Achievement in Engineering Award. Today George is an active advocate of entrepreneurship at UCF and the Central Florida business community.